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Davide Squillace
Washington, DC
Dec 3
DC101 Presents Elliot in the Mornings Holiday Concert with Fall Out Boy, AWOLNATION, Bastille and The Struts
Fairfax, VA
Dec 3
Holiday Jam with New Edition and Black Alley and Kenny Babyface Edmonds and Babyface
Washington, DC
Dec 4
Silver Spring, MD
Dec 4
Tyler Farr
Charles Town, WV
Dec 10
Mannheim Steamroller
Baltimore, MD

This month marks the fifth anniversary of Robyn's 2010 album, Body Talk. To celebrate, THUMP contributing editor and middle-age music curmudgeon Joshua Glazer looks back at the time this pristine pop record helped him get through his divorce.

At the end of 2010, I found myself at the end of the road. My career as the editor of a once significant Los Angeles-based music magazine had slowly ground to a halt in the face of the new media economy. At the same time, my eight-year relationship, capped off by two years of marriage, rapidly unraveled when my partner resolved to...

14 About 24 hours ago

[photo courtesy of Chris Quartly]

Robyn Hitchcock recently announced more tour dates, which includes a return to the NYC area in January. All dates here.

Andrew recorded this set with the Sennheiser compact omni microphones mounted on a stand at the soundboard area. As this was a quiet acoustic show essentially in an active restaurant, there is quite a bit of typical ambient noise. Additionally, in post-production, I had to manually reduce each burst of crowd cheering following the songs but the crowd can still be a bit overwhelming at times. With those caveats,...

21 2 days ago

Allman Brown – Rivers (feat. Robyn Sherwell)

Rivers is the new single from British singer/songwriter Allman Brown and the truth is that it doesn’t really need special introductions. Suffice to say that it’s a wonderful, bewitching song which features the amazing Robyn Sherwell (who’s also the co-authoress) on vocals and it was produced by Mt. Wolf‘s Bassi Fox. It should be enough, right?

Speaking with blahblahscience about the track, Brown states: “Rivers is a song about nature. It’s power; it’s intimacy and how it lives in our senses. It was the perfect song to collaborate with...

29 11 days ago

Every year, there’s a performer who stands out that really makes you proud to be an American, a North American, a Western Hemispherean, or simply a human being.

Each year, since the festival’s inception in 2005, there’s one standout Folk Fest performer or exhibitor that gets everyone talking. Sometimes it’s an instrumentalist, sometimes it’s a dance troupe. My favorite part of the Folk Fest is the Folklife part, where makers show you how they make the tangible stuff–chairs, blankets, salt, masks. And those are just the demonstrations you’ll see this year!

I spent an hour or so thinking back on my favorite...

37 About 1 month ago

It’s inevitable, guys: It’s getting cold out there. Reason enough to keep your body moving and join likeminded people in crowded places for a happy gettogether, right? Why not doing so while listening to some delicious Nordic tunes in the upcoming, next two episodes of the Ja Ja Ja Club Nights this November. Once again NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION teams up with FluxFM to bring you the finest new music from the North. November the 11th at Hamburg’s Molotow and one day later at the Fluxbau in Berlin. And here’s what awaits you.

The best of Denmark’s electronic scene...

53 About 1 month ago

I guess I sound especially bloodthirsty the way I always advocate ultra-harsh sentences for politicians caught breaking the law. There's a reason for that, of course. Someone given a position of trust who abuses it should, of course, be held to a high standard. But there's more. History shows that if a politician gets away from criminal behavior, it encourages other politicians to give it a try. Saying, "well he served the community (or his state or country) so well, we should go easy on him," is the opposite of what we should be doing as a society. This special...

102 About 1 month ago

Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique have shared a photoessay and video short on Yours Truly honoring the Swedish singer’s longtime producer Christian Falk, who died last summer at 52. Robyn and keyboardist Markus Jägerstedt recall recording their EP together and the experience of losing their friend and artistic inspiration.

“Losing him — there’s nothing good about it,” Robyn wrote in the essay. “Sometimes you really want to find reasons. You want to say that there’s a reason for everything. I don’t think that there’s any reason at all in the world why — when someone gets sick like that...

42 About 1 month ago

Going Inbox #65

Everyday tons of emails reach (keep ’em going!). Every week we would like to cover at least 3/4 of the awesome music we get there, but, even at our most productive, we still can’t. So, we decided to start a new regular column that will feature the best tracks we received by email but we haven’t had the chance to feature during the week. Enjoy.

Name: Embody (ft. Camden Cox) From: London, U.K. Genre: electronic For fans of: Rudimental

Name: Lontalius From: Wellington, New Zealand Genre: ambient-pop For fans of: How...

21 About 1 month ago

Instantes de calmaria e momentos de explosão. Assim a cantora/produtora norueguesa Annie parece dividir o novo registro em carreira solo: Endless Vacation EP (2015). Inicialmente confortada em vozes e bases brandas que apresentaram a inédita Cara Mia, Annie e o companheiro de produção, o britânico Richard X logo partiram para as pistas, transformando WorkX2 em um verdadeiro arrasa-quarteirões típico dos anos 1990.

Com a também inédita Out Of Reach, Annie se distancia parcialmente desse mesmo universo, resgatando uma série de referências testadas nos dois últimos registros de estúdio Anniemal (2004) e Don’t Stop (2009). Entre samples “orientais”, sintetizadores doces e vozes límpidas, a...

43 About 1 month ago

Governor General’s Award Poetry Finalists Announced!

The Governor General’s Literary Award finalists were announced yesterday, reports Canada’s The Globe and Mail. These top-tier literary prizes offer $25,000 to the winners from seven categories in both English and French. In Poetry, the finalists are:

The winners will be announced Oct. 28. Congrats to all! For now, we’d highly recommend you check out this short interview at Jacket2 with Howard, who discusses her Toronto feminist poetry series (influenced by New York’s Belladonna), the roots of her work in Northern Ontario and alongside Margaret Christakos, and more about her first book:


39 About 1 month ago

Ingrid Witt - New Waves

If you’re the sort of person that likes intoxicating studio based electronic dance pop music that artists like Robyn or (sometimes) Kylie Minogue produce, the sort of stuff that channels some of the more sophisticated areas of the discotheque but remembers that the exciting throb and pulse of the strobe needs to be matched with a good song, and if you’re the sort of person who is inclined to believe that Scandinavia does pop music better than any other part of the world right now, then we guarantee that you’re going...

64 About 1 month ago

So, what happened in February in the world of music? Well, Gary Glitter was at it again, as he was sentenced to another sixteen years imprisonment for further indecent assaults on underage girls between 1975 and 1980, Bob Dylan became the oldest male singer ever, at the age of 73, to top the UK album charts with...

29 About 2 months ago